i loved you so much is an ongoing video art series by Hannah Koehler.

Videos are displayed on static acrylic-framed video screens, and are available for sale as art objects.

Hannah also created digital artwork and a webpage for “i loved you so much” on her retail website Coyote Pretty.

Hannah filmed short videos of the art objects on display in her own home. She then turned these videos into GIFs to display online for a dynamic web experience on Coyote Pretty.

“i loved you so much” :
Art Installation, Austin Texas,
Civil Goat Coffee, 08/15-09/15, 2022

“i loved you so much” :
Art Installation, Marfa Texas,
Marfa Spirit Co, 09/28- 10/2, 2022

screen recording | website designed by Hannah Koehler for video art project “i loved you so much”

“i loved you so much” on display at Civil Goat Coffee in Austin, Texas