H E A V E N S was a jewelry concept that I designed while living in Tucson Arizona.

I created a limited run of beaded necklaces, sourced from a local Tucson bead store which offered an extensive collection of deadstock vintage beads from around the world.  I briefly designed (very ugly) beaded jewelry in high school and it was so much fun... every few years I want to try my hand at jewelry-making again : )

I collaborated with Taylor Garcia Dickson to produce a photoshoot for my first drop. The location was a century-old adobe home in Tucson’s Barrio Viejo, where Taylor was living at the time. Wardrobe was sourced from Taylor’s extensive vinage collection. Taylor provided styling direction in collaboration with my art direction. I photographed the project using my digital Nikon Z mirrorless setup, as well as my iphone.

The project was launched and sold out same-day on Coyote Pretty.


Screen recording of H E A V E N S project on the Coyote Pretty website.